The 19th ICCE was held successfully on August 12-17, 2006 in Seoul . We'd like to thank all of participants and  supporters for your active and dynamic participation in lectures, presentations, and social activities. The excitement and joy of sharing knowledge, ideas and experiences will be remembered for years. 

You may download and  see more information  from the following addresses: 

A.  History of ICCE (html file)

B.  Materials from "A Memory of 19th ICCE",

           Supplement of the 19th ICCE:


           (a)  Photos of the 19th ICCE (pdf file, 6.5 M)

             (b) A List of Participants (pdf file, 200 K)

           (c) Winners of 19th ICCE - IUPAC Poster Presentations (pdf file)

           (d) Winners of Chemistry Poster Drawing Competition (pdf file)

           (e) 1st NICE Symposium - Organization of Network

                  of Inter-Asian chemistry Educators (pdf file)

           (f) Chronology of icce (pdf file)

           (g) Sponsors of 19th ICCE (pdf file)

           (h) Committees of 19th ICCE (pdf file)

           (i) Front cover of " A Memory of 19th ICCE" (pdf file)

           (j) Back cover of " A Memory of 19th ICCE" (pdf file)



   C. Articles and News Related to 19th ICCE (mostly in Korean)


   D. Web Site of 19th ICCE: